L3C’s in North Carolina

L3C Update

As of Jan 1, 2014, the L3C (Low-profit Limited Liability Company) business structure will no longer be an option in North Carolina. L3C’s formed prior to this date will be allowed to continue to operate as such. Please consult your attorney for further detail.

Businesses structured as an L3C are by definition fourth sector businesses.  A few members have asked for a separate listing of just L3C’s, so we’re providing that here.

Another suggestion was to create a forum where members could post info pertaining to L3C’s in NC.  This could include updates on the fate of the L3C, as well as funders who are L3C friendly, etc.  If anyone knows of such a group, we’d be happy to post a link to it here.  If not, we’d be happy to host such a group. Just let us know if there’s interest.

Directory of Businesses formed as as L3C in North Carolina

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This information is extracted from publicly available data sources, including the North Carolina Secretary of State website.

Please contact us if you would like to edit your Directory information, add contact info or your website, or be removed from the Directory.

The latest (May 2012) proposed regulations giving new examples of PRI’s may also be of interest.