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North Carolina organizations are changing their practices in response to uncertain economic conditions and increased energy and environmental pressures. Cutbacks in funding for public and social services are also increasing the pressure on organizations to assist others in their community.

The North Carolina Social Innovation Survey is part of an ongoing study conducted by UNC:

  1. to inform researchers about these changing practices among North Carolina for-profit and nonprofit organizations
  2. to inform service providers about how to better assist nonprofits and for-profits as they respond to these challenges

The study hopes to report on a wide range of rural and urban nonprofit, for-profit, and hybrid organization in the state of North Carolina, including, but not limited to: large and small corporations, manufacturing firms, retail establishments, business incubators, nonprofit and for-profit schools, colleges, universities, childcare facilities, hospitals and medical facilities, professional services, farms, food pantries, charitable organizations, religious organizations, and cooperative associations.

Survey Team

Maryann Feldman, Ph.D., Professor of Public Policy UNC Chapel Hill
Alexandra Graddy-Reed, Doctoral Candidate of Public Policy UNC Chapel Hill
Dawn Trembath, Director of North Carolina Fourth Sector Resource Project

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