The Resource Project

The Fourth Sector Resource Project serves individuals and organizations throughout North Carolina who are interested in starting, growing, or supporting fourth sector businesses. In particular, the Resource Project focuses on serving rural areas of the state, as well as low-resource and other under-served urban communities.

Why the Resource Project?

When talking about the Fourth Sector with people throughout the state, a common reaction is, “That sounds great, but it would never work in my community, or in my situation, because…”  So, we listened, and created the Resource Project to address these barriers and concerns.


We currently have 3 ongoing projects:

Idea Bank

In addition to listing some of the larger enterprises in more populated urban areas, we’re also setting out to find examples of fourth sector businesses in small towns, rural communities, and low-resource urban communities.  They are run by men and women of all ages, with a wide variety of talents, interests and concerns.  This Idea Bank is intended to spark ideas for new businesses that can be adapted to a variety of situations.

Network of Support Organizations

Our Network includes support organizations throughout the state who understand fourth sector businesses, including:

Local Networks

To aid communities in creating a network of local service providers, we are partnering with organizations throughout the state to provide workshops on the fourth sector for existing small business support organizations. (See “Hub Library” for one partnership example.)